Annunaki and Alien Teory of our Blog Reader Mr. Canberk Demircioglu.

Good day to all our Blog reader. Today I have the plausure to have an original Article from My Personal Friend from Istambul Mr. Canberk Demircioglu.

Let read His interesting article.

Hi everyone ,l watched and readed some articles and topics about this situation.The  all ancient cultures which is the ancient Greek, Egypt also Sumerians are believe some gods.However the Sumerians are believed these gods are come from Orion Galaxy and they called these gods ” Annunaki ” it’s means ( come from sky ) .The Annunaki s are teach and show some cultures and technologies for the humanity.l want to give example about this , when l was in elementary school we study one story it’s name was ” The Gilgamis legend ” this is the oldest story from Anatolia.Its a child story at my country.. it is not.. because this is the oldest story from the Sumerians.The orginal story tablets are at Istanbul archeology museum and they are 3000 years old l saw.

The Gillgamis is a person who live at Sumeria many years ago. The Gillgamis  was  win at tournament and the gods ( Annunaki) give a gift for him.The gift is showing the earth from the space…( Be careful these gods are took from him ..So they have a machine) and showing earth from the space after that he returning home but everybody different at his village . No one knows who is Gillgamis so just oldest person at village knows him . Gillgamis asked ” where is my family or friends ? ” . The oldest person said you went to space with gods it’s too many years ago like 80 years . The Gillgamis is shocked because just 10 min been to space ( this is the SPACE-TIME TEORI ) l mean this now child story it’s totally happend.. 3000years ago.
Thank you , very much